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My favorite pick-up line has to be…

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 I want to have my own identity.”

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[About acting he says] “I want to do something kind of daring or shocking, I don’t want to be in a movie with a guitar, singing as the high school heartthrob.”

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Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the happiness. Thanks for the inspiration. Thanks for making me who I am. Kevin, Nick, Joe… I love you, and always will.

The Jonas Brothers announce their break up on Good Morning America

@johnlloydtaylor: So grateful for 8 amazing years. It was quite a run. Incredible memories and experiences that I’ll never forget. Love you guys.

michaelgordns whispered: happy birthday! hope is a great one

Thank you ! :))

stealingmyhearts whispered: happy birthday!!

Thank you!! 🙈 :)

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